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  • What is polymer clay?
    It is an oven bake modeling material composed of polymers, resins, coloring agents and fillers. Not a natural clay, it is man-made from a plastic, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) base. The tiny pieces of plastic in it melt and mold together once baked, creating a strong yet flexible bond. It is also Non-Toxic.
  • Are the tags waterproof?
    Yes! Just like any other predominantly plastic material, polymer clay is waterproof and can be cleaned by washing with soap and water. For extra dirty tags you can scrub with a toothbrush!
  • Do you make custom tags?
    Unfortunately, I do not take custom orders anymore. Making a custom design with clay is much more time consuming than with other mediums. I do host a custom tag giveaway every 1K followers gained! Custom designs can be requested then and I will choose from everyone's suggestions on which one to make and then have it available to everyone in the next release! This allows me to spend time perfecting a specific design!
  • How durable are your tags?
    Once cured, polymer clay has a smooth plastic consistency that is strong yet flexible. We strengthen our clay tags with a metal bezel to protect the back and sides of the tag, leaving only the front exposed. I can now ensure the most durable designs after years of practice, altering baking techniques, transitioning to high quality clay and reducing fragility by increasing the surface area attachment of any 3D parts. To back this I can offer free repair or replacement for any breakage of tags made after Spring 22" as I highly doubt this will be an issue now that I have perfected my craft! If you are still concerned you can always add resin to your tag to protect any more fragile 3D parts. *Please note no tags are chew proof so please supervise your dog when wearing an ABC tag. To reduce the likelihood of a chewed tag please only use one tag ring so the tag doesn't hang too low. We have easy exchange rings in the shop for this purpose!
  • What tags do you recommend the Resin Add On for?
    Resin is great for tags that have any sparkly/shimmery components to them. It is also great for enhancing the effects of translucent clay. Resin can also be used to ensure durability and ease clean up of more 3D tags however can take away the 3D effects. Please note resin is not scratch proof and can yellow with time & sun exposure. It also tends to dull the appearance of matte white clay. I will note if I recommend resin for any tags in the description of each listing! When purchasing the resin add on be sure to add it for each tag you would like it on.
  • How many phone numbers can be added to the back of a tag?
    A max of two phone numbers and "Microchipped" can be added to the back. This information is added via an adhesive label. These labels are sealed in with a waterproof sealant to prevent peeling off.
  • I forgot to add something to my order. Can I place another one and not have to pay shipping charges again?
    Yes! You can request to be refunded duplicate shipping in the notes on your second order- just make sure to reference your other order number. This will be refunded at the time of shipment. If you forgot to make a note you can message me when I ship your order to remind me! You can also just use code SHIPFREE on your second order and reference the first order # but note you will not be able to use a model code as only one code can be used.
  • How do I clean and care for my tags?
    If your tags are dirty you can wash them with soap and water using a paper towel or a toothbrush to scrub. Do not use alcohol or acetone. Please note the metal bezel can tarnish with time & wear. You can avoid this by polishing regularly with a store bought metal protectant polish.
  • Can I trial Aussie Bros Presets before purchasing?
    Yes! Send your unedited pictures to our instagram page via DM. I will send you some examples of one click edits with the presets.
  • How long are your production times?
    Generally our production times are around 3-4 weeks, however with larger releases may become longer. This does not include shipping time which is 4-5 days for USPS ground advantage, 2-3 days for USPS priority, and 14-21 days international. Please check our Bio on our Instagram for more accurate updates on production times.
  • Do you replace lost, stolen, chewed or broken tags?"
    I cannot replace lost, stolen or chewed tags. Please make sure to only use one ring attachment to avoid your dog being able to reach their tag. As for broken tags, please message me on instagram as every situation is different. Your tags should not be breaking as polymer clay is a durable flexible medium once cured.
  • How do I redeem my rewards points?
    The little crown icon in the corner tracks your points attached to your email associated with past orders. To redeem, click on the icon and then "Ways to Redeem." You will be given a code to use on your next order. Please note only one code can be used at a time so no model codes will be able to be used. Here is a more detailed overview on redeeming your points:,How%20customers%20redeem%20points,click%20on%20Ways%20to%20redeem.
  • Do you offer international shipping?
    Due to tax customs laws we are only able to ship to US, Canada, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, and Switzerland currently. We hope to be able to offer international shipping someday!
  • Can I make a change to my order after placing it?
    Due to the volume of orders ABC is handling now changes can only be made by canceling and refunding your current order and placing a new order. Unfortunately, my website platform does not allow me to makes notes on orders and details not attached directly in your order notes may be missed. If you do not wish to be refunded and reorder I can make a personal note of the desired changes but cannot guarantee it.
  • What size tag do you recommend for my pet?
    1" tags - for cats and small dogs <15 lbs 1.25" tags - for small to medium sized dogs (15 - 50 lbs) 1.5" tags - for medium to large dogs (40 - 90 lbs ) 2" tags - for large to extra large sized dogs (75+ lbs)
  • Can I send photos to potentially be featured on the Instagram page?
    Yes! We would love to see your product photography and feature you as long as the photos are high quality! This is also a great way to prove your potential as a future model. Please upload unedited photos to the following link. You may upload edited versions as well but we do like to edit with our ABC presets to keep a cohesive feed!
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