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Lovestruck Tags

Pictured is font #5 in White.


Resin Add On recommended for these!


Handmade Pet ID tags


The tags come with a sturdy metal bezel backing and split ring. Easy exchange tag rings are sold separately in our store. Phone number and microchipped label options can be added to the back. These tags are water proof, mud proof, and even rough play proof! However, they are not chew proof, so please keep that in mind! It is recommended to not put an excess amount of attachment rings that will cause your tag to hang low enough for your pup to chew on. That is why we sell the easy exchange rings- so you can use that and nothing else!


If your pet has a longer name of 5+ letters everything will be done to give you the font you would like, however if it will not fit, I will choose for you. You can list multiple fonts so I can choose what will fit best from your favorites! I’m so excited to create beautiful and unique pieces of art for your best friend and I will do everything I can to give you what you are envisioning for them!



Size 1” (for smaller dogs and cats <15 lbs): round bezels (silver, gold, rose gold, and gunmetal)


Size 1.25” (for small to medium size dogs 15 - 50 lbs): silver, gold, rose gold, and gunmetal. The 1.25" tags can also be made into a badge reel for yourself if requested in the notes!


Size 1.5” (for medium to large dogs 40-90 lbs): silver, gold, rose gold, gunmetal


Size 2” (For extra large dogs 75+ lbs): antique silver and antique gold


Other: rounded rectangle bezels 1.75” in length come in shiny silver, antique silver, antique copper and black

Lovestruck Tags

PriceFrom $28.00