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Resin Add On

Resin can be added to our tags at an extra charge due to additional time it will take in the tag creation process. Please choose quantity matching how many surfaces you want coated including if you would like the back of your tag coated over the phone number label. Price of resin coating will decrease with increased quantity added. 


Resin can emphasize glitter/sparkly accents on a tag, translucent clay, and make certain colors more vibrant. Please note it will dull any matte white clay or white font color. It is not recommended on 3D tags as it can take away the effects. We take pride in the strength of our bare clay tags making resin not neccessary! We also back this by offering full responsibility to replace or refund bare clay tags that do break when not caused by chewing.


Although it does change the look of some tags, it is an additional layer of protection as it strengthens the tag and makes it easier to clean. Resin is not scratch or chew proof. Please supervise your pet while wearing an ABC tag. 

Resin Add On

PriceFrom $3.00